ICE Thinks

ICE Thinks draws on the wealth of knowledge, experience and skills from across our membership to develop the most informed thinking on the key issues facing everyone working in the built environment.

We are also talking to industry, business and academia to help understand the detailed facts, identify trends and share our point of view.

ICE Thinks is a conduit for everyone’s ideas, views and opinions that builds into a think tank focused on the future challenges that we need to address right now.

What you think really counts

You can join an ICE discussion group or workshop, speak at a seminar, or comment via one of our social media channels. You could host a roundtable, write a thought leadership piece or a blog, or video your point of view.

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Latest thinking

  • Growing cities and building resilience

    In barely 200 years, the percentage of the world's population living in urban areas has increased from 3% to over 50%. Join us in exploring some of the radical solutions being proposed to ensure the resilience of urban spaces.

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  • Infrastructure transformation

    Our infrastructure is changing, along with the way we use it and the demands placed upon it. Our Green Paper, Infrastructure Transformation, lays out the key themes and questions facing us.

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  • The story so far

At Ecobuild 2016 we asked hundreds of visitors – from business representatives and charities through to students and members of the public – for their thoughts on how future cities should function and what society will require from its infrastructure in the future. Much of the urbanisation and infrastructure transformation work we’re doing relates to many of the ideas you can see in this video.

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